Charles MORGAN


Recently researched in some detail is the landscape painter Charles Morgan, one of the original members of the Birmingham Art Circle, who made frequent visits to Newlyn and West Cornwall.  Roger Langley in his latest work on the life and movements of his ancestor Walter LANGLEY, has revealed by a study of the exhibited paintings (in Birmingham) of Cornish subjects, a much fuller picture of the artistic interest taken by the midlanders of our corner of the country.

Morgan was elected President of the Art Circle in 1886 and served until 1893, and was again elected in 1912.  His paintings of Cornwall were all exhibited between 1881-1899 in Birmingham, though as yet there is no evidence of exhibiting here in Cornwall.

His wife was the artist Mary Vernon MORGAN, and his brother Walter Jenks MORGAN.

Morgan taught for 40 years at the Birmingham School of Art, and Langley suggests that his teaching career took first place in his life. Nevertheless in the list of representative Newlyn work, that is offered there are 12 paintings listed of subjects related to Cornwall, St Ives, and Newlyn (R Langley, p115). The GRO gives his age as 70 at death.