Dora Elizabeth WEBB

She is first mentioned in a review of Show Days in 1923, and in 1924 exhibited at Skiber War Vor Studio. Her exhibits in 1924 were given three paragraphs in the detailed St Ives Times review, and some of her work was termed 'characteristic', indicating that it had been noticed previously. Amongst the named titles was Salaam in decorative tempera work, depicting two brass figures of elephants, a difficult subject skilfully painted, against a bright curtain; two small porcelain Japanese figures below look up at the Mahout. Another was A Goddess in Ecstasy, the subject being a brass lacquered goddess against an oriental background. Yet another depicted a bronze fish against a madonna-blue background. She does not appear to have been living in St Ives when STISA was formed, and her involvement was limited. She is recorded as a member in 1932 when she was living at West Malvern.