Alan Gardner Folliott STOKES

Alan Gardner Folliott STOKES
aka Folliott STOKES

The 1891 Census lists him as Allen F G Stokes, born in Goring, Oxfordshire, and married to Charlotte V Stokes, living at The Terrace, St Ives with their daughter Murial (aged 7) in a house owned by the Berriman family. The 1901 Census lists him as head of household, married, but at that time living alone, aged 46, an Artist (Painter) living at 9 Bedford Road, St Ives. The artist worked from St Ives in 1894, but is no longer listed as a working artist in The Year's Art by 1902. From this time he appears to have concentrated on journalism, working for The Studio and other magazines and publishing companies.

In 1915, he covered the work of 'Alfred Hartley, Painter and Etcher' in The Studio (Vol 64). And in 1919, 'The Paintings of Louis Sargent' (Vol 77) in the same journal. His works of book-length which he both wrote and illustrated are listed below.


Painter of landscapes, author

works and access

Works Include: A Fine Night (1902); On the Moor (1913); Pines on the Moor (1913) 

Author and illustrator of the following: From St Ives to Land's End (1908); From Land's End to the Lizard (1909); From Devon to St Ives (1910); The Cornish Coasts and Moors (1912).


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