Alexandrina T LAURENCE

Mrs Alexandrina T LAURENCE

The first wife of Sydney Mortimer LAURENCE, the artist exhibited at St Ives in August of 1889. The 1891 Census lists her as Alex T Lawrence [sic], Artist, a British Subject born in New Jersey, America, married to Sidney M Lawrence [sic] and living at Richmond Place, St Ives.  Her sending-in address remained in St Ives until 1894-95. Her maiden name was Dupre, and at times she is seen as Alexandria Dupre-Laurence.

Though the couple parted after ten years in 1899, she visited the Arts Club in 1912 as a guest of Daisy WHITEHOUSE, and again in 1916 with Sarah Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE. There is further information about the couple in Tovey's 2009 study of social life amongst the St Ives arts community.




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