Alfred Fonteville DE BREANSKI Jnr

Alfred Fonteville DE BREANSKI

Alfred Fontville de Breanski Jnr was one of seven children of the landscape painter Alfred de Breanski (1852-1928). His older brother Gustave Adolphe DE BREANSKI was also an artist. Alfred was born in Lewisham and trained initially under his father and uncle, Gustave de Breanski (c.1856-1898). Subsequently he studied at St Martins School of Art, and in France.

He married in 1911 and settled in Surrey before moving to Tunbridge Wells in Kent. His subjects included Polperro, Looe, Newlyn and St Ives scenes. He died in Tonbridge in 1957.



works and access

In the Harbour, Polperro; The Jew's House, Polperro


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