Alfred William PARSONS

Alfred William PARSONS RA, RI, PRWS

The landscape and flower painter Alfred Parsons is not known in any specific way to link to Cornwall; one of his paintings (The Pear Orchard) is in the possession of Falmouth Art Gallery, through which his name comes into our data-base. He was a member of a number of societies including the RWS, the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours, the Royal Miniature Society (honorary), the RI, the NEAC, the Gallery Club as well as being elected an associate of the RA (1897) and a full member in 1911. Through any and all of these groups he would have been part of circles that included the main artists of St Ives and Newlyn art colonies.

Born in Somerset, he exhibited widely from 1871 at all the main venues in London and elsewhere, and is included in the list of those covered in the University of Glasgow's J W Whistler's Correspondence Project. In the late 1890s he joined the Society of Illustrators, and was responsible for the illustrations for the publication by the famed Cornishman Sir Arthur Quiller Couch, entitled The Warwickshire Avon.

More research and/or further information may reveal when/if he is more tightly connected with the Cornish artistic scene of his times.


Painter in oils

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Works incl: The Pear Orchard (c1903) at Falmouth Art Gallery; Orange Lilies (exh 1909, Leicester Galleries)





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