Algernon Francis Raymond SPENLOVE-SPENLOVE

Algernon Francis Raymond SPENLOVE-SPENLOVE
aka Frank

The son of John Francis SPENLOVE-SPENLOVE (Frank), he was identified in his father's biography as 'John' Francis, and listed as a member of STISA. His wife, Billie, was also his model.  The Francis Raymond Spenlove who was a member of STISA (1927-28) and exhibited a series of drawings of Old St Ives in 1922, also exhibited at the 1924 Show Day, and was a founder member of STISA (1927-8). He served on  the STISA Committee in St Ives.

In a 1924 Show Day news item the reviewer comments that Mr Francis Spenlove was not showing as he had already sent his pictures to London: "He has made rapid strides during the past year." F R Spenlove is also listed as exhibiting at NAG in December of 1925 and July 1926. Whybrow comments that he signed some of his work in the name of Francis Raymond, and Tovey explains that up until 1923 this signature was to distinguish himself from his father in terms of exhibiting. He and his wife, Billie, used the FR signature for these purposes, and then progressed this to Francis Raymond Spenlove.

 He stopped painting altogether in the early 1930s to create a horticultural centre at nearby Madron, where he employed Conscientious Objectors as assistants.



works and access

Works include: Bille (1924); portrait of Mlle Esthelle Hugot (1925); Billie, Wife of the Artist (1928)


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