Andolie LUCK

Miss Andolie LUCK

Luck was mentioned in a Crozier article 'The Newlyn School of Painting' (1904 Girls Realm) as being an advanced student of the Forbes School, and producing 'a surprisingly clever impressionist study of extremely bold design, showing ships at sea as seen through a pane of glass, under the title My Window.'   She was the sister of Charles Cardale LUCK, but attended the Forbes School before he came from Scandinavia, although she is not mentioned in Iris Green's study (see Hardie 2009 for list) as attending the School.



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Info from grand-daughter Susan: - Andolie Luck, WAS the sister of Charles Luck and did study at the Forbes School. Andolie was Susan's grandmother. We think that she also had connections to the Sandbergs (Susan's mother had Elizabeth Forbes watercolours which came from Evalina Fitzsimmons nee Sandberg (possibly given to Andolie and then to Susan's mother).


Crozier (Nov 1904) Girl's Realm (See Hardie for reprint)

Green (in) Hardie 2009 Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall (p80)

Hardie 2009 Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall