Andrew WATTS

Andrew WATTS

Andrew was born in Bombay, India and grew up there, the first son of Bunny and Bunty Watts.  At the age of 7 he was sent back to England where he attended St George's College at Weybridge, Surrey. He completed the pre-Diploma course in Art at Guildford School of Art and studied graphic design in Paris then fine art drawing in Madrid.

Qualifying in advertising and marketing he worked for a number of leading advertising agencies in the 1960s. In the 1970s he left London with his family to settle in Salcombe, Devon, founding the Smokehouse in Dartmouth.  In the 1990s he spread his wings and painted full time, exhibiting in France and Palma Mallorca. Since then he has painted widely in France, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Germany and the English West Country. His work is reflected as a Diary of his travels and experiences. He now lives and works in St Buryan near Penzance, Cornwall. (2015)


Mainly watercolours but also pencil and charcoal drawing. Occasional oils as and when the subject lends itself.

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Playing in the Surf, Penzance, wc


2004: Champtoceaux, France, August

2000: Palma Mallorca, July