Anna Kristina NORDGREN

Anna Kristina NORDGREN

Born on 13 May 1847, in Mariestad, Sweden, the artist is known to have exhibited from 1885-1901, although she does not appear in the NAG exhibition records (incomplete).

A Newlyn address is listed for her in 1888 in the records of the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, but by 1890 this had been superseded by a Swedish address. Nonetheless, she was sending work back to the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, as Newlyn was exhibited there in 1891 and she continued to send in for the next ten years to British exhibitions. She died in 1916 on 10th September at Skara, Sweden. Her titles include Baby and Galway.


Painter of figures and landscapes

works and access

Works include: Newlyn (1891)


B (17); GI; L (18); NEAC; NG; RA (18); RBA; RI (15); SWA (7); RBSA (1891)


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