Annie Christiana ASH

Annie Christiana ASH

Born in London, as Annie Catherine Ash, the artist exhibited domestic subjects, figures and landscapes. In a career spanning 1886-1924, she  is mentioned as having painted some pictures at Newlyn from 1895. That year she exhibited Newlyn (Penzance) and Polperro at the Manchester City Art Gallery.  In 1897 Chrissie Ash (London address) exhibited Newlyn, Penzance at the RA. A Miss M Ash is noted as selling  A bit of Newlyn at NAG also in 1897, but allowing for (frequent) mis-spellings and mis-transcriptions of names in the records, this may or may not be the same painter. Chrissie Ash died on 24 December 1938 in London at the age of 86 (GRO).



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Works include: Newlyn (Penzance) (1895); Polperro (1895); Newlyn, Penzance (1897); A bit of Newlyn (1897)

Archival Deposits: Extract from Will (photocopy A4) WCAA file


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