Annie Louise FALKNER

Miss Annie Louise FALKNER
also seen as Miss FAULKENER and Miss FALKENER

Annie Falkner was the sister of the novelist John Meade Falkner. She never married. She and her partner Leslie HERVEY associated themselves with the St Ives colony in 1907, and took over one of the Piazza studios during WWI. Originally from a clergy family in Dorchester, she is said to have trained at the Slade in 1889. Records show that she exhibited in London in the 1890s from an address in Bedford (1893) and from addresses in Berkshire (1900, 1908) before finally settling in St Ives. She also exhibited frequently at the Beaux Arts, where a joint show with Leslie Hervey was held in 1926.

Their final Show Day in St Ives was in 1916, and sometime thereafter the pair appear to have moved on to France, with Annie exhibiting with frequency during the 1920s at the Salon d'Automne, where she also served as Secretary.


Painter in oil, pastel, watercolour; also printmaking

works and access

Works include: The Lunch Hour;

Access to works: Southampton City Art Gallery; British Museum; Victoria & Albert Museum


BA (37); LI (3); LS (8)

RA (4)

RBA (8)

ROI (3)

RSA (1)

SWA (1)

St Ives Show Day 1909, 1916

WIAC 1913-22

Pastel Society 1920-22

Salon d'Automne, Paris, 1921-28



 Secretary of the Salon d'Automne

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