ART UNION of Cornwall


Established at Falmouth in 1852 ‘in connection with the Polytechnic’ (RCPS).

Its aim was to promote the sales of both pictures and photographs. In relation to the Annual Arts Exhibition sponsored by the RCPS, the Art Union was responsible for the presentation of the Medals and Prizes to the outstanding artists, draughtsmen and craft workers, the finance for which came from friends and subscribers.

Artists from Newlyn (and throughout Cornwall) exhibited and entered their paintings and sculpture in the annual shows of work in Falmouth. Periodically, the Art Union sponsored its annual exhibitions around the county. One example was in September of 1887, when the exhibition was held in Penzance at the Art School and Museum.  Some artists, such as Norman GARSTIN and others also acted as judges and sometime invited speakers to events sponsored by the Art Union.



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