Newlyn School

  I append a list of Newlyn artists who worked there for several consecutive years before the place was known—that is to say before it was flooded with painters, and before the speculative builder stepped in and erected glass studios and all manner of other buildings. [Ed: Benjamin BATEMAN, the so-called 'capitalist'] After that, “swells” came down for a holiday and called themselves artists, took all the available lodgings, and almost crowded the workers out. The character of the place changed, and a good many men left. I think the list is thoroughly comprehensive, and I do not think that I have omitted any names. I have need to put them as near as possible in the order in which they came by groups. Those who came after belong to a different period. It was Birmingham that first discovered Newlyn:


E Harris 

Walter Langley

R Todd

L Suthers

Fred Hall

Frank Bramley

T C Gotch

Percy Craft. Stanhope Forbes

H Detmold. Chevallier Tayler

Miss Armstrong (Mrs Stanhope Forbes)

F Bourdillon

W Fortescue

Norman Garstin


You may accept this list as authentic. It is the first, so far as I am aware, that has been compiled.


--One of the Original Newlynites




Painters in oils and watercolours, mainly landscape, coastal and genre

works and access

Nationally and internationally


Various honourable organisations in their futures


from The Magazine of Art 1898, p 507

Reprinted in Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn & West Cornwall 1880-1940, A Dictionary and Sourcebook