Augustus Edwin JOHN

Augustus Edwin JOHN OM

A brief visit (for a few days) by John and Dorelia brings the artist into the West Cornish orbit of artists, though everyone knew him from the New English Art Club, and elsewhere, meeting often in London art circles.

While he was in the Lamorna Valley (1912-13), he stopped briefly to paint the young Mornie BIRCH, who did not remember him fondly, because of his sharp and seemingly arrogant attitude toward posing her with no concern for her comfort. She was nine years old and he was thirty-five at the time.  John and Dorelia were the objects of much curiosity and interest, and during their stay at the Jory's Hotel (now the Lamorna Cove Hotel), great festivities, dinners and parties were held for the general amusement of all.


Portrait and decorative painter; etcher

works and access

Works include: Portraits of Dylan Thomas and GB Shaw 

Access to works: Cardiff National Museum; Fitzwilliam, Cambridge; Tate, London; National Gallery, Washington DC


Widely, but not in Cornwall


ARA 1921; RA 1928; Senior RA 1954



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