Benjamin Arthur BATEMAN

Benjamin Arthur BATEMAN

David Tovey (2013) adds to our entry with information about Bateman in St Ives:

Bateman is normally associated with Newlyn, but was part of the St Ives scene in 1888, if not before.  Born in London, Bateman trained at the Slade School of Fine Art in 1881, and came to Newlyn in 1885.  However, he took a house in St Ives in the autumn of 1886 and, in 1888, he gave his exhibiting address as 6, The Terrace, St Ives.  Indeed, the Henry Massey version of the Stokes Chantrey Supper Menu reveals that he was a participant that evening - 30th August 1888, his signature on the Stokes copy being indecipherable.  He also exhibited two St Ives subjects at the RBA in 1888. In 1889, he was back in Newlyn, living at Pembroke Lodge, having acquired, the previous year, a five-acre field on the hill overlooking Newlyn on the northern side of Trewarveneth Street, which became known as ‘Bateman’s Meadow’ or ‘The Meadow’.  Here, he erected various glass-houses and studios which he gave, sold or let to artists, thus earning himself the sobriquet, ‘the Capitalist’ of Newlyn.  He appeared as a Newlyn resident on the 1891 Census. but left for the United States soon afterwards, dying in California on 30 March, 1894, aged just 46 (Hanford, Kings County, California).


Painter of figures and portraits

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Works include Daydreams; In the Penzance Market Place; Before Marriage

Archival Deposits: WCAA



St Ives Aug 1889



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Cornishman 28 Mar 1889, 1 Aug 1889, Dec 1889


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