Throughout the study of the history of the Newlyn school, researchers find references to the Birmingham Art Circle, the Royal Society of Birmingham Artists, and to the Edgebastonia, the newsletter-cum-journal of the Birmingham community of artists. One artist who remained a resident of Birmingham all his life, but visited Cornwall regularly and showed Newlyn pictures there, was Ernest HILL, and he was later Vice President of the RBSA.

It is useful to know that the original members of the Birmingham Art Circle were Oliver BAKER, William Arthur BREAKSPEARE, S CURRIE, William Banks FORTESCUE, John FULLWOOD, E S HARPER, Edwin HARRIS, John KEELEY, Walter LANGLEY, W S LLOYD, F MERCER, C MORGAN, W J MORGAN, Henry Martin POPE, W F RODEN, Harry S THOMPSON, William John WAINWRIGHT and Charles Henry WHITWORTH.

Those indicated associated with or visited in Newlyn, and have entries in this Index.  All of these artists were known to each other, even if some did not travel to Cornwall.



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