Bob Dawson's sculptures have been inspired by environmental and maritime issues taken from studies of the South West coast line. Available in bronze and ceramic, they are extremely tactile and rich in surface texture. These abstract works combine natural and manmade forms. They are ideally suited to alfresco and corporate gardens, or in open office space. Clients can choose from small runs of limited edition or by private commission.

'I draw inspiration for my work from the marine and coastal areas of the South West. Observing the sea in all weathers, sketching wave motion, capturing by interpretation the constantly moving forces that shape and reshape our coastline. Weathered rock formations and rugged surface textures provide a rich vein of inspiration driving my creative energies. A lifelong interest in the human form is an ever-present passion. It forms the structure of my sculptures,sometimes hidden, yet manifesting itself in surrealist.'



works and access

Works include:

Cape Cornwall II 


2016: 'Five Ways' (group show) Penwith Gallery, St Ives (25 Mar-12 May)

2020: Open Studios Cornwall (postponed); 2023