Born in London, the son of the Irish playwright Sean O'Casey, Breon became one of the most versatile and highly regarded artists in West Cornwall, and in the St Ives School. He served an apprenticeship to Barbara HEPWORTH as did a number of the sculptors and artists important after WWII, but a twist of the Celtic spirit of adventure entered a wide range of his skills which ncluded painting, printmaking, sculpture, weaving and jewellery, making him the doyen of artist craftsmen working in the area.

In 2008 in Falmouth, the Great Atlantic Arwenack St Gallery showed 14 of his abstract designs in collage, watercolour, gouache and oils, in their memorable show 'The Golden Age of Cornish Art'.  He exhibited at Rainyday Gallery, Penzance, and his work was also regularly shown at the Stoneman Gallery, Chapel Street, Penzance.


Painter, printmaker, silversmith and metal worker, maker of collages and constructions, weaver

works and access

Works include: jewellery, prints, constructions

Access to work:  Falmouth Art Gallery (permanent col); Arts Council; Kettle's Yard, Cambridge; Plymouth Museum & AG; Trinity College, Dublin; V & A


1982: Solo exhibition, NAG: One of six solos

2008: 'the golden age of cornish art', Great Atlantic Arwenack St Gallery, Falmouth

2010: Stoneman Gallery Mixed Christmas Show Dec-Jan 2011

2016: STISA Printmakers, Ceramics & Drawing Exhibition (28 May-27 June)


NSA 1995

Penwith Society of Artists


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