I am working on a research project based on the discovery, in the south of France, of  work by the artist Bruce Taylor. The St Ives Archive informed me that they did not have any information though providing a 1962 photograph showing Taylor opening an exhibition with Barbara HEPWORTH. Nevertheless,following a chance encounter with works at an antique market, I found the village where Bruce Taylor spent the second part of his life. Soon after I was able to acquire a body of works (drawing, paintings, sculptures, photographs) which Taylor kept till he died; a body of work that represents a time capsule. I am interested in putting Taylor back on the artistic map; when looking at publications like St Ives Revisited and the Tate Catalogue of the exhibition of the St Ives School, I was surprised that he did not feature, except for a passing reference to him as becoming Chairman of the Penwith Society and having helped a colleague with his ceramics. If any reader is able to help this correspondent, write direct to the following address.  He will be very grateful for your assistance.
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Gerard has now visited St Ives (March 2014) and found a quantity of new information. See


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Buckman (2006) Artists in Britain since 1945