Catherine Maude NICHOLS

Catherine Maude NICHOLS RE

Nicholls was a painter and etcher born on 6 October 1847, Norwich, Norfolk (GRO).  Bednar has noted that she exhibited an etching with a Newlyn title, as early as 1880, Pilchard Boats, Newlyn. This is before the bulk of the artists making up the Newlyn colony had arrived.  Her major subject matter for paintings and etchings was the countryside around Norwich (rustic scenes), the town itself and also the Norfolk Broads. She died after an active exhibiting life at age 76 in Norwich, on 30 January, 1923 (GRO).

works and access

Access to work: Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich


B; D; L; LS (18); M; NG; RA; RBA; RE (109); SWA (10); Newlyn title: 1880


1882, First woman member of the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers (RE)




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