Cathy WADE

Cathy WADE

Wade graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 1992, and then went to work as a ward orderly in Sheffield, Yorkshire.  From this working experience she is able to 'draw reference from the biological body, cellular structure, chemical properties and the periodic table' (artist's statement: Falmouth 2000).

Current to 2000 she was continuing research into painting and installations, studying for the Integrated MA Degree at Falmouth, alongside teaching part time at Cornwall College (in Art History and Art Practice).

An update on her work would be welcome.


Painter, installation artist

works and access

Works include: Dermis Series (oil and metallic leaf)


2000 Falmouth Art Gallery '20 Years of Contemporary Art' exh


Exh Cat: 20 Years of Contemporary Art at Falmouth Art Gallery 1980-2000