Charles Edward BRITTAN (Snr)

Charles Edward BRITTAN (Snr)

Brittan specialized in bird and animal subjects. From this artist, only works on paper are known, the most famous being The Antler'd Monarch of the Waste which was exhibited at Suffolk Street in 1858. During this period the artist resided in Truro in Cornwall.

He was the father and teacher of Charles Edward BRITTAN (Jnr) (born Plymouth 1870), who specialized in landscapes. Brittan Snr began exhibiting in the mid-1850s with the Royal Polytechnic Society in Falmouth, and won a number of medals and citations for unnamed works.  Later he was to become one of the judges of the Annual Exhibitions in Falmouth, which indicates that he probably continued to live locally, or perhaps in Plymouth, Devon where his son was born.


Painter in watercolour, gouache and pencil on paper

works and access

Works include: The Antler'd Monarch of the Waste (1858); A Dromedary by an Oasis (private collection)



 Suffolk Street 1858

RCPS 1857, 1858



misc further info

The senior Brittan did not have an entry in the Hardie (Ed) book because his career lay mainly outside the years 1880-1940 in Cornwall.


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