Charles Lewis HIND

Charles Lewis HIND

Hind was the son of a Nottingham lace manufacturer. He is recorded in a list covering artists from the 'Newlyn school' and those working in the Lamorna Valley. He was also a student under Julius OLSSON and Louis GRIER in St Ives. However, he is not best known nor recognised as a visual artist but rather as a journalist and art historian.

Tovey (2009, p212) explains his connection with the artists of West Cornwall: 'Hind had a spell at the Art Journal, before becoming editor of the Pall Mall Budget in 1893. When this folded in 1895, he decided to learn how to paint, as he felt that this would improve his art criticism. during his time in St Ives in 1895-6, and later in 1903-4, he divided his time between art and journalism, and he published a number of articles, in a variety of London magazines on the work of individual artists, and on such matters as Show Day, the art schools in St Ives and landscape painting in the colony.'


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Tovey (2009) St Ives: Social History (p23, photo likeness)

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