Charlotte EPTON

Charlotte EPTON

Artist potter with Leach 1927-30.

In 1928 she exhibited her work at the Beaux Arts Gallery in Bond Street.  After a fire at the Leach Pottery destroyed much of her work, she left St Ives to teach art at Cheltenham Ladies College, re-connecting with her interest in pottery by working with Michael CARDEW at the Winchcombe Pottery nearby.

In 1932 she married Edward BAWDEN who had been a fellow student with her at the Royal College of Art, a designer who later became a war artist, and they moved to Essex. She is mentioned in the article 'A Conversation with David Leach' in Ceramics Monthly (Jan 1997): "Very early on a woman named Muriel BELL from Canada worked at St Ives about the time I first joined the pottery. She went on to set up a pottery. Then just after Muriel Bell came Charlotte Epton who latter married Edward Bawden, the war artist. Neither of these women were there very long".


Artist potter


Beaux Arts, Bond Street. London 1928


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