Cicely JESSE

M Cicely JESSE

One of the four more talented pupils in 1907, at the FORBES SCHOOL (The Meadow Studios) who shared lodgings at Myrtle Cottage ('Myrtage'), Cicely married the Scandinavian painter, Charles Cardale LUCK who was working in Newlyn at the time.

She was the cousin of Wynifried Tennyson JESSE, and a close friend of Elizabeth Adela FORBES, who used her as a model for some of her sketches. One drawing by Elizabeth Forbes of Cicely was presented to Penlee House and the West Cornwall Art Archive by the patron, George BEDNAR.


Drawing and painting

works and access

Likenessess of the Artist: Cousin of Fryn (drawing by Elizabeth Forbes, on cover of Hypatia Diary)

Access to work: Penlee House, Penzance


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