Colwyn Edward VUILLAMY


Vuillamy came to Newlyn to study painting at the FORBES SCHOOL (c1911-14) at about the time of Elizabeth FORBES' final illness, and his autobiography Calico Pie gives an impression of the life of some of the younger students in those early years. He subsequently became a writer rather than an artist. His noteworthy book Unknown Cornwall (1925) was illustrated in colour and black & white by Charles Walter SIMPSON.


Painting pupil, author

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Works Include: The Trench (1914);  Unknown Cornwall (1925, John Lane the Bodley Head) In the Preface, the author explains that the illustrator is an old friend of his with whom he spent much time together on the Cornish moors and the coastline. 'Several of the paintings and drawings here reproduced, including one or two Royal Academy pictures were not made expressly for the book, and they do not in every case stand in close relation to the text, although they give typical aspects of the landscape and seascape of Cornwall.'



NAG March 1914


St Ives Times 27 Mar 1914

Green Posing the Model

Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall p290: 'In View of West Cornwall' 

Newton et al Painting at the Edge;

Vuillamy Unknown Cornwall;