In an article written for the Western Morning News (May 5,1972), Frank RUHRMUND writes:

'An exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Conor Fallon is now being held in the one-man showroom of the Newlyn Art Gallery. A painter whose work has impressed in mixed exhibitions in recent years, this is his first individual show there and possibly his last, unfortunately, as he is shortly returning, I understand, to his native Ireland. He will be missed, for he is a painter with a very personal style and vision...He is a painter with ideas and courage; he demonstrates his versatility and puts himself at risk by including four Maquettes for Owls, a series of plasters for bronzes; hollow-eyed, white, yellow and orange, they are a delight...' (reprinted in Hardie (1995, p135)

He was married to the painter Nancy WYNNE JONES.


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