David Herbert LAWRENCE

David Herbert LAWRENCE
'D H'
1916-18 (Cornwall)

The story of D H Lawrence and Frieda von Richtofen at Zennor has been told in fiction, poetry and in interviews and historical papers.  Their flight to Cornwall - with the objective of establishing an ideal community of writers and artists that he called 'Rananim' - was short-lived, but interesting to literary researchers for the bounty it brought, both in terms of his writing and his visitors.  Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murray arrived at his invitation, but did not stay long. Winifred Ellerman (aka Bryher) also attended periodically.

His paintings as seen in New Mexico are brightly coloured with weird and wonderful shapes, ecstatic and erotic in turns, and worth a visit if you are travelling that way.


Author, painter

works and access

Access to work: The banned paintings of DHL can be found at La Fonda Hotel, Taos, New Mexico

Special literary ref: Kangaroo (1923)


Taos, New Mexico Permanent exhibition


The Tinners (Zennor pub)


Bird (2008) St Ives Artists: Place & Time