Denise Dimech is a St Ives-based mixed media artist. She was born in Wales and won her first art competition at the age of eight. Subsequently the family moved to Malta, where the island's lively celebrations and vibrant pageantry, set against the backdrop of the bright blue Mediterranean, made a profound impact, continuing to influence her art today.

After marrying and starting a family, Denise and her husband moved to Bournemouth and opened a successful gallery in Poole Pottery. During this time Denise developed her art practice, exhibiting and selling her paintings locally. There followed a number of years as a single parent during which art had to take a back seat.

After meeting her current partner, Denise moved to Cornwall in 2009, putting down roots with him in his home town, St Ives. Her new life allows her much more time to focus on her art. Her work can be seen in Imagianation Gallery in St Ives, and she exhibits regularly at the STISA open exhibitions in the Mariner's Gallery.


Painting, collage, mixed media


2016: Four Directions, Old Lifeboat House, Porthleven (23-29 July)

2016: Crypt Gallery, St Ives (June 2016)

2017: Four Directions, The Old Lifeboat House, Porthleven (20-26 May)

2017: Impact Art Circle, Crypt Gallery (12-18 Aug)

2018: Impact Art Circle, The Old Lifeboat House, Porthleven (2-8 June)

2018: Impact Art Circle, Crypt Gallery, St Ives (4-10 Aug)

2019: Impact Art Circle, Crypt Gallery, St Ives (3-9 Aug)