Dorcie SYKES

Dorcie SYKES

Born in Sheffield, the daughter of John Gutteridge SYKES, and educated at Penzance High School. While looking after her father, who died in 1941, she studied at the Harvey & Procter School of Painting (run by Harold HARVEY and Ernest PROCTER) and under Stanhope FORBES.

Dorcie is best known for her flower paintings in watercolour, with their fine detail and exquisite colouring. Dahlias, The Ginger Jar, Reflections and Roses were all reproduced by the British Art Company and copies of her many cards and reproductions (circulated internationally) are included in a private scrapbook which she left to the WCAA. She also painted landscapes, usually depicting animal life at the same time. 

Latterly she wrote and illustrated a story for children, called The Sea Cats. She looked after many cats in her home in Penzance, and aside from flowers her other major subject was the drawing of animals. In the 1937 Exhibition at NAG both she and her father were exhibiting together.


Painter of flowers in watercolour

works and access

Works include: Dahlias; The Ginger Jar; Reflections; Roses; Vase of Anemones (1921); Marigolds (1927)

Access to Work: Her paintings were reproduced by the British Art Company, and copies of her many cards and reproductions are included in a private scrapbook which she left to the WCAA. Latterly she wrote and illustrated a story for children: The Sea Cats.

West Cornwall Hospital (NHS): Flowers and Butterflies (oil on board)


RI (19); RWI; RSA (8); Liverpool; NAG Summer 1921, Spring 1925, December 1925, Spring 1926, July  1926, December 1926,  March 1927, July 1932, 1937 (she and her father exhibiting together); STISA 1951 FoB Touring Show


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