Edith Caroline HAYES

Edith Caroline HAYES

Born in Southsea, Portsmouth on 21 May, 1860 (GRO), she studied at St John's Wood and RA Schools, and exhibited from 1888 through to 1912, including Paris (1889), Southsea (1891), Italy (1892) and Great Marlow, Bucks (1912).

At Newlyn was exhibited in 1889 at the RA, with a Newlyn address from 1887. By the time of the 1891 Census she was living at Back Street, St Ives. She exhibited three paintings with the Cornish painters' colonies at Dowdeswell in 1890, one of which was Street in St Ives. Hayes also attended the Founding meeting of the St Ives Arts Club, becoming a member.

From 1894-96, she was working from Tuscany, Italy, and back in England lived in Great Marlow, Bucks from 1910, remaining there for many years. She died, aged 88 in Maidenhead on 19 October 1948 (GRO).


Painter and wood engraver

works and access

Works include: At Newlyn (c1889); Street in St Ives (1890)


Paris 1888-89

RA (1) 1889

Dowdeswells (3) with Cornish artists 1890;  

Southsea 1891

Italy 1892; 

Great Marlow, Bucks 1912

IPO; M (1); NEAC (1); NG (1); RA (2); RHA (2); ROI (6)





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