fl 1915

An artist who exhibited at St Ives is identified twice in Victorian Painters (Woods), and the two might be the same person although currently this is unknown. One Miss Edith Gibson is said to have fl 1882-6, and the other Edith M Gibson is given the dates 1885-91, and both find the artist exhibiting two works at SS (with differing titles), and one work at the RA in 1886, with another at the RA in 1891 (titles unknown).

Johnson &Greutzner identify only one artist of this name, Edith M Gibson who exhibited from 1882-1918 with a busy exhibition schedule to her credit. It is probably this person who caught the eye of the St Ives Times in 1915. Her career to that date is noted from 1882 when her address was in Dublin, then London (1883), prior to becoming an Associate of SWA in 1886.




Painter of landscape, figures, and portraits

works and access

Miss EG: A child's Posy, A Brown Study at SS; Parting Summer (1886, exhibited at the RA)

Miss EMG: 'There was a Soft and Pensive Grace, A Cast of Thought upon his Face' - Scott (1885); Pansies (SS 1893); Curable Cases Only (RA 1891)


St Ives March 1915




St Ives Times 19 Mar 1915

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