Edith HUME

Edith HUME
Exh 1862-1906

Cornish-born artist of genre, her maiden name was Dunn and she exhibited under this name at Society of British Artists, Suffolk Street and Birmingham (1962-7), though later as Mrs T O HUME. She married the landscape painter, Thomas O HUME, and lived with him in Petersfield, Hampshire. 

However, she returned often to Cornwall to visit relatives in the early days of the St Ives colony (1880s), and executed work there. She exhibited widely, especially at the RA, Glasgow and Birmingham. As yet no plates of her work have been seen, but the titles indicate that at least some may have Cornish loci.


Painter of genre and story telling pictures

works and access

Works include: Fishing on the Old Pier; Ripening Corn; Mending Nets; Distant Thoughts







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