Born on 26 March 1856, Shelton, Shrewsbury, Shropshire (GRO), the artist referred to here painted a Newlyn picture in 1884, and was mentioned by FORBES thus: "Trevor whom I have met in Brittany...has not long to live." (Letter dated 1884)  In fact, on 5 October, 1885, Trevor died in Anacapri, on the Isle of Capri (Italian certificate) at the age of 29. 

C Wood, after Graves, notes an earlier Edward Trevor - or there is a conflict and mixture of data. J&G describe a landscape painter, exhibiting from Manchester in 1882, born in Conway, Wales, who died in Capri in 1885 (all could be true except for birthplace). Graves and Wood in Victorian Painters identify two separate Edward Trevors, a) fl. 1841-1846 who exhibited An Interior and A Gipsy Camp at RA from a London address, and b) fl 1885 exhibiting a view in Capri at the RA, from an address in Manchester (probably the painter Forbes met). It is not clear what the Manchester connection is at this stage, though it may have been the artist's homebase.

Edward Trevor was the younger brother (by two years) of the floral and landscape artist Elizabeth TREVOR, who later (after Edward's death) married Lester SUTCLIFFE, who had also painted at Newlyn. 


Painter of landscapes


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