Mrs Emily Latham GREENFIELD
Date of death approximate

Woods noted that a Mrs Latham Greenfield (fl 1883-5) exhibited two paintings entitled Christmas Roses and Poppies at SS, from an address in Richmond, Surrey (1883). By 1897 her sending-in address was in St Ives. The artist exhibited the painting The Hidden Moon at the Whitechapel Exhibition of 1902, specifying her place of reference as St Ives.

Tovey's work (2009) on the social history of the St Ives artists contains a range of references to Mrs Greenfield including the information that she was primarily a landscape painter but also exhibited some figures, and that she remained in the colony for over a decade (p191) from a base date of 1891.  Her older sister Rose COOPER was also an artist, and lived nearby at 5 Bellair Terrace. Recorded in the 1901 Census as the Head of Household, living at 83 Bellair Terrace, an Artist (Painter) living on her Own Account and born at Westminster, London.



Painter of landscape and flowers; figures

works and access

Works include: The Fisherman's Wife (1893)


RA (1); LI (5); BIR (4); SWA (6); RBA; ROI; (See J & G for fullest account)

Falmouth (1) 1893


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