nee Lowstadt

Swedish born painter from Boston, the wife of Francis Brooks CHADWICK (Frank). She had known Anders ZORN in her student days in Sweden (Stockholm Academy) and Paris, and met him again with his own wife, Emma, in 1887 in St Ives. Cross notes, however, that Emma Chadwick did not seem very pleased to find the mesmeric Zorn in St Ives, and treated him distantly.

In the meantime, she had married the American painter Chadwick in Paris (1882), and they had been living in France from that date. She had won two Hon Mentions in the Paris Salons, one in 1887 and the second in 1889. Wood notes that she exhibited two pictures of domestic subjects in England in 1890 (no specifics) from a Paris address. At Whitechapel in 1902 she exhibited with the Cornish painters by showing Moonlight, St Ives.  With her husband she lived an expatriate artistic life between Cornwall, London and France, where they spent much time with the artists' colony at Grez sur Loing.



works and access

Works include: Moonlight, St Ives (1902)


Paris Salons 1887, 1889 (Honourable Mentions both); 

Whitechapel 1902 (See Hardie 2009 repr of Exh Cat)


STIAC 1898


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