Frederick ? LEYTON

F Leyton is an artist whose works are found frequently at auction in Cornwall but about whom very little is known. His first name is believed to be Frederick or Fred. He does not appear to have exhibited but is understood to have had a studio in Newquay in 1930s and to have worked for the tourist trade, his subject matter being principally beach scenes in Cornwall and Devon. Further information about him would be welcomed.

A correspondent (2014) has informed us of a painting of the Newquay Headland, which belonged to her father, by F Leyton.

A further correspondent (2018) has told us of a watercolour of Fistral Head, Newquay, by F Leyton, purchased 40 years ago and currently in Northern Ireland.

A correspondent in 2019 has advised us of a watercolour by F Leyton entitled The Bishops Rock. He is aware of two other versions of the same subject, one in Newquay and one in BC, Canada.

A correspondent (2020) has written to tell us of a watercolour in his possession of a Devon headland, dated 1929. A further correspondent has told us of a watercolour of Newquay headland by F Leyton, formerly owned by his grandparents.

A correspondent (2023) has written to say that she has acquired an untitled watercolour, by F Leyton, of St Ives, showing St Nicholas' Chapel from the vantage point of Man's Head, and a further one entitled Bishops Rock, Newquay.




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