Outstanding Dutch artist and author who visited Cornwall first to further her research into the life and work of Marlow MOSS. This work led to the publication of a book illustrating the reconstructions that Dijkstra also made of Moss's paintings, many of which had been destroyed in the bombing raids of World War II. The book served as a catalogue and reference material for the exhibition of these paintings in full at the Tate St Ives in 1995. That year both she and Dutch painter friend, Nora THOLHUIJSON, attended the centennial celebrations of the Newlyn Art Gallery and supported the foundation of the West Cornwall Art Archive with gifts of their work.

Originally an archivist and librarian, Dijkstra's writings and paintings reference and illustrate the history of creative women in their working lives; her historical novels are interpreted in both text and illustrative material including photographs and constructions. She is much in demand in her home country and in Europe generally for her abilities to combine in original ways the arts of writing, painting and printmaking.


Painter, writer, printmaker


Writings: (1995) Marlow Moss: Constructivist + the Reconstruction Project; (1997) De Voorgeschiedenis (about Moss, Nettie Nijhoff & Madame La Salle); Madame de la Salle biography; etc.

Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn & West Cornwall;