Frances Charlotte WHITEHOUSE

Miss Frances Charlotte WHITEHOUSE
aka Daisy

The youngest of the four Whitehouse sisters who lived for many years around St Ives, Halsetown and Lelant. All four were daughters of William F, a prosperous merchant and landowner, and his wife Sarah, who lived in Leamington Priors, Warwickshire, and were parents to seven children (four girls and three boys) in all.

Whybrow notes one brother, also a painter and architect, who set up the Hyde Park Fine Art Gallery in London and reproduced paintings by 'autotype method' (p 80). After their father died (1882), the girls and their mother moved around, some travelling abroad, and Sarah Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE and Mary Jane WHITEHOUSE lodging on the Isle of Wight (1891). Shortly thereafter they settled in West Cornwall. After her mother died (1900) Daisy, as did all her sisters by various amounts, reduced her age by 10 years, claiming in the 1901 Census that she was born in 1874.



works and access

Works include: A Cotswold cornfield (1913); On the Wharf, St Ives (1920)


St Ives March 1912, March 1913, Show Day March 1914 (3), March 1915, June 1917, Spring Exhibition April 1920; Lanham's November 1913, March 1919; Market Hall, Penzance Great Exhibition and Sale of Work 28 April-5 March 1917; Plymouth Art Gallery  November 1917


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