Frances HORNE

Mrs Frances HORNE

NAG exhibitor in the Craft section 1928.

Mrs Horne had founded the St Ives Handcraft Guild in 1920, and had also been instrumental in helping to establish the LEACH POTTERY in St Ives, both of these with the objective of creating creative employment for the community. She did not think of herself as an artist as such but was a strong supporter of the colony and their families.

Frances and her husband, wealthy rice merchant  David Horne, had come to St Ives during the war years (WWI) from Richmond, Surrey, and in 1919 purchased the large estate home of Tremorna whilst already owning The Croft in St Ives (which they sold).  From the property at Tremorna was developed the later home of Little Parc Owles, which is famous for its associations with the Adrian STOKES family and guests, and the Peter LANYON family of artists. The house was sold in 1923 due to David's early death at forty-eight.  Frances remained in West Cornwall and continued to support local artistic activities in the community. 




NAG July-September 1928 (Embroidery)


St Ives Handcraft Guild 1920 (Founder member)


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