Frances LLOYD

Mrs Frances LLOYD

Born in America, the daughter of the portrait artist William Henry Powell, Fanny came first to West Cornwall in the 1890s. Previously she had studied under Henri Lucien Doucet in Paris (1883) and married a fellow pupil who was a retired English naval officer. With Walter Lloyd she had two children. Walter died in 1889 of cholera, leaving Fanny a widow with a young son (an earlier child, Eugene, had died at the age of two). Fanny decided to bring up her son in his father's native country, where his family had homes in Yorkshire and Cornwall. 

She exhibited first with the RCPS in Falmouth in 1900 and later in St Ives, before returning for a 5-year period to the States. She again came to Zennor and according to Tovey (Sea Change, Sec 3.5 'The swansong of Frances Lloyd') spent most of the WWI years there.

Having been adversely influenced by the death of her first child, Fanny turned to theosophy, and her spirituality comes through her paintings both in subject and title. Louis RECKELBUS gave her lessons and is considered to have been a particular inspiration by changing her palette of colours.  Emile FABRY's symbolist paintings inspired her to express her own spiritual thoughts through her choice of subject. 

In the possession of the George Lloyd Music Library in Kendal, Cumbria: Two miniatures, of Mrs Constance Lloyd and Mrs Frances LLOYD, as painted by Mabel Maud DOUGLAS.



Painting, primarily tempera; charcoal and oil portraits; watercolours

works and access

Works include: Light and Sound (tempera), Votive Offerings (tempera), The Planetary Spirit (charcoal); The Reverie; Sitting Room at Bridge Cottage (tempera); Portrait of Mainie (tempera); collection of 18 Zennor Landscapes (tempera); collection of charcoal portraits

All in private collection (Lloyd Family Archive).


1919: Lanham's Galleries, St Ives

1920: St Ives Show Day March 1920, St Eia Gallery

Works for London Galleries

2010: 'Sea Change Exhibition' (group), Penlee Gallery, Penzance: (2)


New York Theosophical Society


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