Born in Penzance, Cornwall on 5 December, 1860 (GRO), he was married to Ester, sister of Caroline Burland GOTCH, with whom he had one son. Frank joined the Newlyn painters, staying at Mrs Maddern's (Belle Vue). After about two years with the Newlyn group he left to study Law. His painting subjects were genre and landscapes, and works include A Quiet Hour and A Street in Newlyn. Though his work met with some approval, he determined to forego art as a career.

He was called to the Bar at Middle Temple on 8 July, 1889, which precipitated his leaving Cornwall in 1889 to join the Civil Service in India. He later became a Judge in Calcutta, in the Colonial Service. On retirement he returned to Penzance, living with his family at Alverton Cottage. He died near Palermo, Sicily in Italy.


Painter, genre and landscapes; Lawyer

works and access

Works include: A Quiet Hour ; A Street in Newlyn; A street scene in old Newlyn;

Access: Penlee House, Penzance: Burning Ship



RA 1885-86



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