Francis Brooks CHADWICK

Francis Brooks CHADWICK
aka Frank

Painter from Boston, Massachusetts, who had worked at Concarneau at the same time as Jules BASTIEN-LEPAGE. Though little known today, Francis Chadwick was an important and innovative figure in the American art world in the late nineteenth century. Like his friend John Singer SARGENT, Chadwick was a portrait, figure and landscape painter,and both became part of the expatriate American art community. Other than Mary Cassatt, and perhaps Sargent himself, Chadwick may have been the earliest American painter to join the Impressionist movement, and he was the most established figure in the important artists' colony in Grez sur Loing in France where he spent almost all his professional career.

Chadwick visited other artists' colonies; in 1887 they were in Concarneau in Brittany and Cornwall (St Ives and Newlyn), joining other Swedish and American artists such as Edward Emerson SIMMONS, some of whom had also been in Grez. He and his wife, Emma CHADWICK, were in St Ives in 1905 when William Holt Yates TITCOMB was being treated to his 'leaving dinner', and Chadwick was known for his prowess as a cricketer for the St Ives side. Chadwick was also present to be a signatory of the Glanville Letter about the destruction of characteristic features of St Ives by indiscriminate development.


Painter of portraits and genre





STIAC 1898



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