Francis FREETH

Francis FREETH
aka Frankie

Frankie was active as an artist from 1940. She lived in Oriental Cottage in the Lamorna Valley and was a close friend of the Lamorna BIRCH family. Nothing is definitely known about her work, though she is noticed in NAG Minutes in the 1950s for being of great assistance to the Gallery, even down to offering to paint the front door giving on to the street, an offer the Committee gratefully took up.

She was so useful, in fact, said the then Chairman Lamorna KERR, that she should be co-opted onto the Committee (agreed). Though quite a private person and in later years something of a recluse, she was perennially interested in NAG, and placed on loan a painting from her own collection by John Rutherford ARMSTRONG RA, who had lived in Oriental Cottage before her.

Whether or not she exhibited her work other than at NAG and in local Lamorna shows, is not known.



Painter, wood carver, potter


The Lamorna Society

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