Francis Job SHORT

Sir Francis Job SHORT
aka Frank

Born in Stourbridge, Worcestershire, the artist studied at South Kensington and Westminster Schools. Later he became the instructor and then the head professor of engraving at the Royal College of Art. Short was a widely respected teacher who had a far-ranging impact on the direction of English etching and engraving throughout the 20th century.

He was elected President of the Society of Painter-Etchers (RE) in 1910 and served for 28 years in the post. He was also treasurer of the RA from 1919-1932. Short was responsible for the revival of the mezzotint process in England, usually working his plates directly from nature. His addresses were in London and Seaford, Sussex, and he exhibited widely. He was knighted in 1911. He is known to have visited Cornwall in 1888, and was thoroughly familiar with its landscapes, producing nine etchings of Polperro harbour, and five of other Cornish subjects. His compositions consistently express the simple etched work of Rembrandt and WHISTLER and his interpretation of light through the mezzotint process has seldom been matched.

Short's etchings of Polperro can be found in museums around the world.


Etcher and engraver, printmaker, mezzotint, aquatint and watercolour painter 

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Works include: Talland, Cornwall


Associate Engraver (RA) 1906; RA 1911; SRA 1933; RI; PRE



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