also spelled BATESON
fl 1892-1926, Wood indicates 1892-1904

Several variations in spelling exist of this artist's surname in the literature, and at this stage no firm information has been found separate from Wood's entry for BATSON.

A painting under the name of Bateson was sold at NAG in 1896 (July - October, 5th exhibition). A painting Early Spring by this artist was exhibited at NAG in 1898 and thought to be sold, but was cancelled. Later in the same year he sold Hay Crop at the Christmas Show (NAG).

Prior to arriving in Cornwall, Batson lived at Hungerford (1894) and by 1902 submitted work to the RA from Ramsbury, Wilshire. By 1910 he is no longer listed in the Year's Art, but Johnson & Greutzner extend his exhibition period to 1926.



Landscape painter in watercolours

works and access

Works Include: Untitled (in NAG records, 1896); Early Spring (1898); Hay Crop (1898); Playing out time in an awkward light (1901); Autumn at Delft (1904)


NAG 1898 (Mixed shows)


RA (2)


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