Frank DREW

Frank DREW

A sketchbook left in a legacy collection to the WCAA by artist Jane AKEROYD is by the theatrical arts tutor (voice) Frank Drew, and contains accomplished charcoals and drawings of Holland (Delft), Sennen Cove, rock formations near St Ives, St Michael's Mount (pen and ink, complete), and other partially constructed scenes. It is clear that this artist was an excellent draughtsman and illustrator. Another item in Jane's studio remains was an architectural drawing of Morley College, Lambeth, and has been presented to the College in memory of one of their former lecturers. He also taught at the Rose Bruford School of Theatre Arts.

On an inserted postcard to Jane and her mother, living then at Bakewell, Derbyshire (April, 1967) Drew writes of the oil spill (Torrey Canyon disaster) which had not yet arrived at Penzance, but was 'very bad at my beloved Sennen Cove, where I had my cottage.' The postcard was sent from Penzance with the scene being of Mousehole, Cornwall, 'From an original drawing by Frank Drew'.

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