Fred Milner

The artist arrived in St Ives from Cheltenham, after studying art at both Wakefield and Doncaster Art Schools. In the 1890s he exhibited views of Lelant at the RA.

From 1903 to the end of his life he lived at Zareba on Trelohyan Hill, but travelled extensively, painting not only in the Cotswolds and Kent, but also abroad in France, Spain and Portugal. At the March Show Day in 1911 he exhibited A Bracing Breeze to a Gale it Grew, Westward as the Sun Went Down, and Portalegre, all in oils, working from Piazza Studios, St Ives.

Working locally with STISA, he showed three large canvases at Show Day in 1924, and from 1926 with NAG. His titles include: Cotswold Stream ( RA 1912), The Pool (1913), Low Tide on Bar, Evening on the South Downs (1924), October Mists in Berkshire (1924), The Pool Below the Hatch, Willow Herb and On the Great Ouse. Tovey comments on his fascination for Corfe Castle (Dorset) which repeatedly featured in his work. He was survived by his wife, also an artist member of STISA (no records), who died in 1947.


Painter of rivers and coastal subjects, primarily in oils

works and access

Likenesses of the Artist: A photograph of the artist, together with Francis ROSKRUGE and John PARK is reproduced in Tovey (2003)

Works include: The Market Square Abbeville, b/w drawing; A Road in Cornwall; The Top of the Hill 1909;  A Bracing Breeze to a Gale it Grew; Westward as the Sun Went Down; 

Access to work:  Cheltenham; Eastbourne; Preston; QMDH; Sunderland; Truro (RCM) and abroad in Adelaide; Buenos Aires; and Portalegre

In Cornwall: RCM, Truro:  Rochester (c1934), Early Morning on the Somme


RBA (85) RA (30)

NAG 1926; December 1928, Summer: 2 oils and 1 watercolour

Lanham's, St Ives

New Print Society Exhibition (etchers, printers, litho & woodcuts), A Dorset Landscape (print mezzotint); A St Ives Street (dry point) 1924, March

Summer Plymouth Art Gallery 1917

November City of Hull Art Gallery 1924, March, Spring Exhibition


STIAC: 1898 STISA: 1927-39


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