Frederick MILLARD

Frederick MILLARD
aka Fred

Born in London on 29 August, 1857 (GRO), he studied in Paris under Jean-Paul Laurens, being a contemporary there of Henry Scott TUKE in 1882. Millard appeared in the group photograph of Newlyn artists in 1884. In 1889 his address was at Belmont, Paul Hill, and in 1891 (age 39) he lived in Fore Street, Newlyn. Lodging in the same Trahair household was the artist S K M BLACKBURN (sic).

Wood notes his association with the Newlyn colony in 1893, but follows him no further, and the artist departed Newlyn before the opening of NAG in 1895, hence no gallery records exist for him. However, Millard was one of the original artists of the group, if not a major one, and one of Bateman's studios in the Meadow was constructed for him. In 1887, a small note in the Cornish Telegraph reported on a violent accident on the cricket field at Tregenna Castle, whereby Millard and Norman GARSTIN were in a scrum resulting in a fractured nose for one and a 'brain concussion' to the other. Both were playing for the Newlyn team on this occasion, and both were rendered unconscious and had to be removed to the house of 'Mr Simmonds on the Terrace'. It was projected to be a long wait before either sufferer would be well enough to emerge.

A genre painter, he exhibited mainly at SS, and also at the RA, early titles including The Convalescent, Bad News and Walls Have Ears. By 1894, he had moved to Hampstead, London, and in 1896 his address was in Boreham Wood, where Tuke frequently visited him by bicycle in the 1899-1905 period. Tuke also mentions in his diary that Millard had a 'dock studio' in Falmouth in 1902, and it is clear he maintained a home in Falmouth while living primarily in the London area for a number of years. Later he returned with his wife to live on Cliff Road at Falmouth, though continuing to exhibit in London (primarily with the RBA). He died in London, age 80 on 13 October, 1937 (GRO).


Painter of genre and domestic subjects

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Works include: The Letter; Children Before a Cottage, NewlynThe Convalescent; Bad News; Walls Have Ears; The Thread of Life Runs Smooth as Yet (1885)

Access to Work in Cornwall: Penlee House, Penzance (Gift of George Bednar, 2000);  RCM, Truro:  Cornish Girl with Basket of Primroses (c1888), and Courtyard in Newlyn Leading through to Myrtle Cottage (c1890)


Dowdeswells (3); Whitechapel (2); SS; RA 1885-8; M; IPO; RBA



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